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Cameroon: Sustainable Management of Natural Resources South-West Province. BMZ ID: 2004 65 252 (Investment)., GmBH, GFA CONSULTING GROUP , Desk Study: Socio-Economic, Institutional and Legal assessment of the living conditions and expectations of cameroonian villagers living in the peripheral zones around the Tree National Parks of Mount Cameroon, Korup and Takamanda., 2006, Cameroun, p. - 56, (2006)  Téléchargement: 14_10_53.pdf (913.7 Ko)
establishing of MIS / GIS for programme monitoring and for TOU functioning., GmBH, GFA CONSULTING GROUP , 1998, Volume 13, France, p. - 60, (1998)  Téléchargement: 14_10_49.pdf (442.57 Ko)
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